Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 973 (Reward)

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#973. Reward. -- N. reward, recompense, remuneration, meed, guerdon[obs], reguerdon|; price.

[payment for damage or debt] indemnity, indemnification; quittance; compensation; reparation, redress, satisfaction; reckoning, acknowledgment, requital, amends, sop; atonement, retribution; consideration, return, quid pro quo.

salvage, perquisite; vail &c. (donation) 784[obs].

douceur[Fr], bribe; hush money, smart money|!; blackmail, extortion; carcelage|; solatium[obs].

allowance, salary, stipend, wages, compensation; pay, payment; emolument; tribute; batta[obs], shot, scot; bonus, premium, tip; fee, honorarium; hire; dasturi[obs], dustoori[obs]; mileage.

crown &c. (decoration of honor) 877.

V. reward, recompense, repay, requite; remunerate, munerate[obs]; compensate; fee; pay one's footing &c. (pay) 807; make amends, indemnify, atone; satisfy, acknowledge.

get for one's pains, reap the fruits of.


Adj. remunerative, remuneratory; munerary[obs], compensatory, retributive, reparatory[obs]; rewarding; satisfactory.

Phr. fideli certa merces[Lat]; honor virtutis praemium [Lat][Cicero]; tibi seris tibi metis[Lat].