Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 971 (Condemnation)

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#971. Condemnation.-- N. condemnation, conviction, judgment, penalty, sentence; proscription, damnation; death warrant.

attainder, attainture[obs], attaintment[obs].

V. condemn, convict, cast, bring home to, find guilty, damn, doom, sign the death warrant, sentence, pass sentence on, attaint, confiscate, proscribe, sequestrate; nonsuit[obs].

disapprove &c. 932; accuse &c. 938.

stand condemned.

Adj. condemnatory, damnatory[obs]; guilty, condemned &c.v.; nonsuited &c. (failure) 732[obs]; self-convicted.

Phr. mutato nomine de te fabula narratur[Lat]; "unrespited, unpitied, unreprieved" [P.L.].