Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 970 (Acquittal)

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#970. Acquittal.-- N. acquittal, acquitment[obs]; clearance, exculpation; acquittance, clearance, exoneration; discharge &c. (release) 750; quietus, absolution, compurgation[obs], reprieve, respite; pardon &c. (forgiveness) 918.

[Exemption from punishment] impunity; diplomatic immunity; immunity; plea bargain, deal with the prosecutor.

[in civil suits] no cause for action; no damages.

V. acquit, exculpate, exonerate, clear; absolve, whitewash, assoil[obs]; discharge, release; liberate &c. 750.

reprieve, respite; pardon &c. (forgive) 918; let off, let off scot- free.

drop the charges.

plea bargain, strike a deal.

no-cause[in civil suits][transitive]; get no-caused[intransitive].

Adj. acquitted &c. v.; uncondemned, unpunished, unchastised.

not guilty; not proven.

not liable.

Phr. nemo bis punitur pro codem delicto[Lat][obs].