Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 969 (Lawsuit)

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#969. Lawsuit.-- N. lawsuit, suit, action, cause; litigation; suit in law; dispute &c. 713.

citation, arraignment, prosecution, impeachment; accusation &c. 938; presentment, true bill, indictment.

apprehension, arrest; committal; imprisonment &c. (restraint) 751.

writ, summons, subpoena, latitat[obs], nisi prius[Lat]; venire, venire facias

pleadings[Lat]; declaration, bill, claim; proces verbal[Fr]; bill of right, information, corpus delicti; affidavit, state of facts; answer, reply, replication, plea, demurrer, rebutter, rejoinder; surrebutter[obs], surrejoinder[obs].

suitor, party to a suit; plaintiff, defendant, litigant &c. 938.

hearing, trial; verdict &c. (judgment) 480; appeal, appeal motion; writ of error; certiorari[Lat].

case; decision, precedent; decided case, reports (legal reference works, see reference books).

V. go to law, appeal to the law; bring to justice, bring to trial, bring to the bar; put on trial, pull up; accuse &c. 938; prefer a claim, file a claim &c.n.; take the law of, inform against.

serve with a writ, cite, apprehend, arraign, sue, prosecute, bring an action against, indict, impeach, attach, distrain, commit; arrest; summon, summons; give in charge &c. (restrain) 751.

empanel a jury, implead[obs], join issue; close the pleadings; set down for hearing.

try, hear a cause; sit in judgment; adjudicate &c. 480.

Adj. litigious &c. (quarrelsome) 713; qui tam; coram judice[Lat], sub judice[Lat].

Adv. pendente lite[Lat].

Phr. adhuc sub judice lis est[Lat]; accedas ad curiam[Lat]; transeat in exemplum[Lat].