Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 965 (Jurisdiction)

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#965. Jurisdiction. [Executive.] -- N. jurisdiction, judicature, administration of justice, soc; executive, commission of the peace; magistracy &c. (authority) 737.

judge &c. 967; tribunal &c. 966; municipality, corporation, bailiwick, shrievalty[Brit]; lord lieutenant, sheriff, shire reeve, shrieve[obs], constable; selectman; police, police force, the fuzz [sarcastic]; constabulary, bumbledom[obs], gendarmerie[Fr].

officer, bailiff, tipstaff, bum-bailiff, catchpoll, beadle; policeman, cop [coll.], police constable, police sergeant; sbirro[obs], alguazil[obs], gendarme, kavass[obs], lictor[obs], mace bearer, huissier[Fr], bedel[obs]; tithingman[obs].

press gang; exciseman[obs], gauger, gager[obs], customhouse officer, douanier[Fr].

coroner, edile[obs], aedile[obs], portreeve[obs], paritor|; posse comitatus[Lat].

bureau, cutcherry[obs], department, secretariat.

[extension of jurisdiction] long arm of the law, extradition.

V. judge, sit in judgment; extradite.

Adj. executive, administrative, municipal; inquisitorial, causidical[obs]; judicatory[obs], judiciary, judicial; juridical.

Adv. coram judice[Lat].