Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 956 (Fasting)

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#956. Fasting. -- N. fasting; xerophagy[obs]; famishment, starvation.

fast, jour maigre[Fr]; fast day, banyan day; Lent, quadragesima[obs]; Ramadan, Ramazan; spare diet, meager diet; lenten diet, lenten entertainment; soupe maigre[Fr], short commons, Barmecide feast[obs]; short rations.

V. fast, starve, clem|, famish, perish with hunger; dine with Duke Humphrey[obs]; make two bites of a cherry.

Adj. lenten, quadragesimal[obs]; unfed[obs]; starved &c.v.; half- starved; fasting &c. v.; hungry &c. 865.