Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 950 (Penitence)

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#950. Penitence. -- N. penitence, contrition, compunction, repentance, remorse; regret &c. 833.

self-reproach, self-reproof, self-accusation, self-condemnation, self- humiliation; stings of conscience, pangs of conscience, qualms of conscience, prickings of conscience[obs], twinge of conscience, twitch of conscience, touch of conscience, voice of conscience; compunctious visitings of nature[obs].

acknowledgment, confession &c. (disclosure) 529; apology &c. 952; recantation &c. 607; penance &c. 952; resipiscence|!.

awakened conscience, deathbed repentance, locus paenitentiae[Lat], stool of repentance, cuttystool[obs].

penitent, repentant, Magdalen, prodigal son, "a sadder and a wiser man" [Coleridge].

V. repent, be sorry for; be penitent &c. adj.; rue; regret &c. 833; think better of; recant &c. 607; knock under &c. (submit) 725; plead guilty; sing miserere[Lat], sing de profundis[Lat]; cry peccavi; own oneself in the wrong; acknowledge, confess &c, (disclose) 529; humble oneself; beg pardon &c. (apologize) 952; turn over a new leaf, put on the new man, turn from sin; reclaim; repent in sackcloth and ashes &c, (do penance) 952; learn by experience.

Adj. penitent; repenting &c.v.; repentant, contrite; conscience- smitten, conscience-stricken; self-accusing, self-convicted.

penitential, penitentiary; reclaimed, reborn; not hardened; unhardened[obs].

Adv. mea culpa.

Phr. peccavi; erubuit[Lat]; salva res est [Lat][Terence]; Tu l'as voulu[Fr], Georges Dandin; "and wet his grave with my repentant tears" [Richard III].