Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 95 (Four)

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#95. Four. -- N. quaternity[obs], four, tetrad, quartet, quaternion, square, quarter.

[planar form with four sides] tetract[obs], tetragon, quadrangle, rectangle.

[three dimensional object with four surfaces] tetrahedron.

quadrature, quadrifoil, quadriform, quadruplet; quatrefoil.

[object or animal with four legs] tetrapod.

[geographical area with four sides] quadrangle, quad[coll.].

[electromagnetic object] quadrupole.

[four fundamental studies] quadrivium.

V. reduce to a square, square.

Adj. four; quaternary, quaternal[obs]; quadratic; quartile; tetract[obs], tetractic[obs], tetractinal[obs]; tetrad, tetragonal; square, quadrate.