Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 943 (Selfishness)

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#943. Selfishness. -- N. selfishness &c. adj.; self-love, self- indulgence, self-worship, self-interest; egotism, egoism; amour propre[Fr],&c. (vanity) 880; nepotism.

worldliness &c. adj.; world wisdom.

illiberality; meanness &c. adj.

time-pleaser, time-server; tuft-hunter, fortune-hunter; jobber, worldling; egotist, egoist, monopolist, nepotist; dog in the manger, charity that begins at home; canis in praesepi[Lat], "foes to nobleness," temporizer, trimmer.

V. be selfish &c. adj.; please oneself, indulge oneself, coddle oneself; consult one's own wishes, consult one's own pleasure; look after one's own interest; feather one's nest; take care of number one, have an eye to the main chance, know on which side one's bread is buttered; give an inch and take an ell.

Adj. selfish; self-seeking, self-indulgent, self-interested, self- centered; wrapped up in self, wrapt up in self[obs], centered in self; egotistic, egotistical; egoistical[obs].

illiberal, mean, ungenerous, narrow-minded; mercenary, venal; covetous &c. 819.

unspiritual, earthly, earthly-minded; mundane; worldly, worldly- minded; worldly-wise; timeserving[obs].

interested; alieni appetens sui profusus[Lat].

Adv. ungenerously &c. adj.; to gain some private ends, from interested motives.

Phr. apres nous le deluge[Fr].