Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 934 (Detraction)

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#934. Detraction. -- N. detraction, disparagement, depreciation, vilification, obloquy, scurrility, scandal, defamation, aspersion, traducement, slander, calumny, obtrectation[obs], evil-speaking, backbiting, scandalum magnatum[Lat].

personality, libel, lampoon, skit, pasquinade; chronique scandaleuse[Fr]; roorback [U.S.].

sarcasm, cynicism; criticism (disapprobation) 932; invective &c. 932; envenomed tongue; spretae injuria formae[Lat].

personality, libel, lampoon, skit, pasquinade; chronique scandaleuse[Fr]; roorback [U.S.].

detractor &c. 936.

V. detract, derogate, decry, deprecate, depreciate, disparage; run down, cry down; backcap [obs][U.S.]; belittle; sneer at &c. (contemn) 930; criticize, pull to pieces, pick a hole in one's coat, asperse, cast aspersions, blow upon, bespatter, blacken, vilify, vilipend[obs]; avile|; give a dog a bad name, brand, malign; muckrake; backbite, libel, lampoon, traduce, slander, defame, calumniate, bear false witness against; speak ill of behind one's back.

fling dirt &c. (disrespect) 929; anathematize &c. 932; dip the pen in gall, view in a bad light.

impugn[disparage the motives of]; assail, attack &c. 716; oppose &c. 708; denounce, accuse &c. 938.

Adj. detracting &c.v.; defamatory, detractory[obs], derogatory, deprecatory; catty; disparaging, libelous; scurrile, scurrilous; abusive; foul-spoken, foul-tongued, foul-mouthed; slanderous; calumnious, calumniatory[obs]; sarcastic, sardonic; sarcastic, satirical, cynical.

critical &c. 932.

Phr. "damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer; and without sneering, teach the rest to sneer" [Pope]; another lie nailed to the counter; "cut men's throats with whisperings" [B. Jonson]; "foul whisperings are abroad" "soft-buzzing slander" [Macbeth][Thomson]; "virtue itself 'scapes not calumnious strokes" [Hamlet].