Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 928 (Respect)

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#928. Respect. -- N. respect, regard, consideration; courtesy &c. 894; attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, admiration; approbation &c. 931.

homage, fealty, obeisance, genuflection, kneeling prostration; obsequiousness &c. 886; salaam, kowtow, bow, presenting arms, salute.

respects, regards, duty, devoirs, egards.

devotion &c. (piety) 987.

V. respect, regard; revere, reverence; hold in reverence, honor, venerate, hallow; esteem &c. (approve of) 931; think much of; entertain respect for, bear respect for; look up to, defer to; have a high opinion of, hold a high opinion of; pay attention, pay respect &c. n. to; do honor to, render honor to; do the honors, hail; show courtesy &c. 894; salute, present arms; do homage to, pay homage to; pay tribute to, kneel to, bow to, bend the knee to; fall down before, prostrate oneself, kiss the hem of one's garment; worship &c. 990.

keep one's distance, make room, observe due decorum, stand upon ceremony.

command respect, inspire respect; awe, inspire awe, impose, overawe, dazzle.

Adj. respecting &c.v.; respectful, deferential, decorous, reverential, obsequious, ceremonious, bareheaded, cap in hand, on one's knees; prostrate &c. (servile) 886.

respected &c.v.; in high esteem, in high estimation; time-honored, venerable, emeritus.

Adv. in deference to; with all respect, with all due respect, with due respect, with the highest respect; with submission.

saving your grace, saving your presence; salva sit reverentia[Lat]; pace tanti nominis[Lat].

Int. hail! all hail! esto perpetua[Lat]! may your shadow never be less!

Phr. "and pluck up drowned honor by the locks" [Henry IV]; "his honor rooted in dishonor stood" [Tennyson]; "honor pricks me on" [Henry IV].