Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 925 (Absence of right)

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#925. [Absence of right.] Undueness. -- N. undueness &c. adj.; malum prohibitum[Lat]; impropriety; illegality &c. 964.

falseness &c. adj.; emptiness of title, invalidity of title; illegitimacy.

loss of right, disfranchisement, forfeiture.

usurpation, tort, violation, breach, encroachment, presumption, assumption, seizure; stretch, exaction, imposition, lion's share.

usurper, pretender.

V. be undue &c. adj.; not be due &c. 924.

infringe, encroach, trench on, exact; arrogate, arrogate to oneself; give an inch and take an ell; stretch a point, strain a point; usurp, violate, do violence to.

disfranchise, disentitle, disqualify; invalidate.

relax &c. (be lax) 738; misbehave &c. (vice) 945; misbecome[obs].

Adj. undue; unlawful &c. (illegal) 964; unconstitutional; illicit; unauthorized, unwarranted, disallowed, unallowed[obs], unsanctioned, unjustified; unentitled[obs], disentitled, unqualified, disqualified; unprivileged, unchartered.

illegitimate, bastard, spurious, supposititious, false; usurped.

tortious [Law].

undeserved, unmerited, unearned; unfulfilled.

forfeited, disfranchised.

improper; unmeet, unfit, unbefitting, unseemly; unbecoming, misbecoming[obs]; seemless[obs]; contra bonos mores[Lat]; not the thing, out of the question, not to be thought of; preposterous, pretentious, would-be.

Phr. filius nullius.