Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 923 (Wrong)

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#923. Wrong. -- N. wrong; what ought not to be, what should not be; malum in se[Lat]; unreasonableness, grievance; shame.

injustice; tort [Law]; unfairness &c. adj.; iniquity, foul play.

partiality, leaning, bias; favor, favoritism; nepotism, party spirit, partisanship; bigotry.

undueness &c. 925; wrongdoing (vice) 945; unlawfulness &c. 964.

robbing Peter to pay Paul &c. v.; the wolf and the lamb; vice &c. 945.

" a custom more honored in the breach than the observance " [Hamlet].

V. be wrong &c. adj.; cry to heaven for vengeance.

do wrong &c. n.; be inequitable &c. adj.; favor, lean towards; encroach upon, impose upon; reap where one has not sown; give an inch and take an ell, give an inch and take an mile; rob Peter to pay Paul.

Adj. wrong, wrongful; bad, too bad; unjust, unfair; inequitable, unequitable[obs]; unequal, partial, one-sided; injurious, tortious[Law].

objectionable; unreasonable, unallowable, unwarrantable, unjustifiable; improper, unfit; unjustified &c. 925; illegal &c. 964; iniquitous; immoral &c. 945.

in the wrong, in the wrong box.

Adv. wrongly &c. adj.

Phr. it will not do.