Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 922 (Right)

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#922. Right. -- N. right; what ought to be, what should be; fitness &c. adj.; summum jus[Lat].

justice, equity; equitableness &c. adj.; propriety; fair play, impartiality, measure for measure, give and take, lex talionis[Lat].

Astraea[obs], Nemesis, Themis.

scales of justice, evenhanded justice, karma; suum cuique[Lat]; clear stage, fair field and no favor, level playing field.

morals &c. (duty) 926; law &c. 963; honor &c. (probity) 939; virtue &c. 944.

V. be right &c. adj.; stand to reason.

see justice done, see one righted, see fair play; do justice to; recompense &c. (reward) 973; bold the scales even, give and take; serve one right, put the saddle on the right horse; give every one his due , give the devil his due; audire alteram partem[Lat].

deserve &c. (be entitled to) 924.

Adj. right, good; just, reasonable; fit &c. 924; equal, equable, equatable[obs]; evenhanded, fair.

legitimate, justifiable, rightful; as it should be, as it ought to be; lawful &c. (permitted) 760, (legal) 963. deserved &c. 924.

Adv. rightly &c. adj.;  bon droit[Fr], au bon droit[Fr], in justice, in equity,, in reason.

without distinction of persons, without regard to persons, without respect to persons; upon even terms.

Int. all right! fair's fair.

Phr. Dieu et mon droit[Fr];," in equal scale weighing delight and dole " [Hamlet]; justitia cuum cuique distribuit [Lat][Cicero]; justitiae soror incorrupta fides[Lat]; justitia virtutem regina[Lat]; " thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just " [Henry VI].