Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 92 (Triality)

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#92. Triality. -- N. Triality[obs], trinity; triunity[obs].

three, triad, triplet, trey, trio, ternion[obs], leash; shamrock, tierce[obs], spike-team [U.S.], trefoil; triangle, trident, triennium[obs], trigon[obs], trinomial, trionym[obs], triplopia[obs], tripod, trireme, triseme[obs], triskele[obs], triskelion, trisula[obs].

third power, cube; cube root.

Adj. three ; triform[obs], trinal[obs], trinomial; tertiary; ternary; triune; triarch, triadie[obs]; triple &c. 93.

Pref. tri-, tris-.

Phr. tria juncta in uno[Lat].