Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 910 (Philanthropy)

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#910. Philanthropy. -- N. philanthropy, humanity, humanitarianism universal benevolence; endaemonism[obs], deliciae humani generis[Lat]; cosmopolitanism utilitarianism, the greatest happiness of the greatest number, social science, sociology

common weal; socialism, communism, Fourierism|!, phalansterianism[obs], Saint Simonianism[obs].

patriotism, civism[obs], nationality, love of country, amor patriae[Lat], public spirit.

chivalry, knight errantry[obs]; generosity &c. 942.

philanthropist, endaemonist[obs], utilitarian, Benthamite, socialist, communist, cosmopolite, citizen of the world, amicus humani generis[Lat]; knight errant; patriot.

Adj. philanthropic, humanitarian, utilitarian, cosmopolitan; public- spirited, patriotic; humane, large-hearted &c. (benevolent) 906; chivalric; generous &c. 942.

Adv. pro bono publico[Lat], pro aris et focis [Lat][obs][Cicero].

Phr. humani nihil a me alienum puto [Lat][Terence]; omne solum forti patria [Lat][Ovid]; un bien fait n'est jamais perdu[Fr].