Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 909 (Threat)

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#909. Threat. -- N. threat, menace; defiance &c. 715; abuse, minacity[obs], intimidation; denunciation; fulmination; commination &c. (curse) 908[obs]; gathering clouds &c. (warning) 668.

V. threat, threaten; menace; snarl, growl, gnarl, mutter, bark, bully.

defy &c. 715; intimidate &c. 860; keep in terrorem[Lat], hold up in terrorem[Lat], hold out in terrorem[Lat]; shake the fist at, double the fist at, clinch the fist at; thunder, talk big, fulminate, use big words, bluster, look daggers, stare daggers.

Adj. threatening, menacing; minatory, minacious[obs]; comminatory[obs], abusive; in terrorem[Lat]; ominous &c. (predicting) 511 ; defiant &c. 715; under the ban.

Int. vae victis[Lat]! at your peril! do your worst!