Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 903 (Marriage)

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#903. Marriage. -- N. marriage, matrimony, wedlock, union, intermarriage, miscegenation, the bonds of marriage, vinculum matrimonii[Lat], nuptial tie.

married state, coverture, bed, cohabitation.

match; betrothment &c. (promise) 768; wedding, nuptials, Hymen, bridal; espousals, spousals; leading to the altar &c. v.; nuptial benediction, epithalamium[obs]; sealing.

torch of Hymen, temple of Hymen; hymeneal altar; honeymoon.

bridesmaid, bridesman[obs], best man; bride, bridegroom. married man, married woman, married couple; neogamist[obs], Benedict, partner, spouse, mate, yokemate[obs]; husband, man, consort, baron; old man, good man; wife of one's bosom; helpmate, rib, better half, gray mare, old woman, old lady, good wife, goodwife.

feme[Fr], feme coverte[Fr]; squaw, lady; matron, matronage, matronhood[obs]; man and wife; wedded pair, Darby and Joan; spiritual wife.

monogamy, bigamy, digamy[obs], deuterogamy[obs], trigamy[obs], polygamy; mormonism; levirate[obs]; spiritual wifery[obs], spiritual wifeism[obs]; polyandrism[obs]; Turk, bluebeard[obs].

unlawful marriage, left-handed marriage, morganatic marriage, ill- assorted marriage; mesalliance; mariage de convenance[Fr].

marriage broker; matrimonial agency, matrimonial agent, matrimonial bureau, matchmaker; schatchen[Ger].

V. marry, wive, take to oneself a wife; be married, be spliced; go off, pair off; wed, espouse, get hitched[U.S. slang], lead to the hymeneal altar, take "for better for worse", give one's hand to, bestow one's hand upon.

marry, join, handfast[obs]; couple &c. (unit) 43; tie the nuptial knot; give away, give away in marriage; seal; ally, affiance; betroth &c. (promise) 768; publish the banns, bid the banns; be asked in church.

Adj. married &c. v.; one, one bone and one flesh. marriageable, nubile.

engaged, betrothed, affianced.

matrimonial, marital, conjugal, connubial, wedded; nuptial, hymeneal, spousal, bridal.

Phr. the gray mare the better horse; " a world-without-end bargain " [Love's Labor's Lost]; "marriages are made in Heaven " [Tennyson]; " render me worthy of this noble wife " [Julius Caesar]; si qua voles apte nubere nube pari [Lat][Ovid].