Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 90 (Duplication)

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#90. Duplication. -- N. duplication; doubling &c. v.; gemination, ingemination[obs]; reduplication; iteration &c. (repetition) 104; renewal.

V. double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate; geminate; repeat &c. 104; renew &c. 660.

Adj. double; doubled &c. v.; bicipital[obs], bicephalous[obs], bidental[obs], bilabiate, bivalve, bivalvular[obs], bifold[obs], biform[obs], bilateral; bifarious[obs], bifacial[obs]; twofold, two- sided; disomatous[obs]; duplex; double-faced, double-headed; twin, duplicate, ingeminate[obs]; second.

Adv. twice, once more; over again &c. (repeatedly) 104; as much again, twofold. secondly, in the second place, again.