Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 886 (Servility)

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#886. Servility. -- N. servility; slavery &c. (subjection) 749; obsequiousness &c. adj.; subserviency; abasement; prostration, prosternation|; genuflection &c. (worship) 990; fawning &c. v.; tuft- hunting, timeserving[obs], flunkeyism[obs]; sycophancy &c. (flattery) 933; humility &c. 879.

sycophant, parasite; toad, toady, toad-eater; tufthunter[obs]; snob, flunky, flunkey, yes-man, lapdog, spaniel, lickspittle, smell-feast, Graeculus esuriens[Lat], hanger on, cavaliere servente[It], led captain, carpet knight; timeserver, fortune hunter, Vicar of Bray, Sir-Pertinax, Max Sycophant, pickthank[obs]; flatterer &c. 935; doer of dirty work; ame damnee[Fr], tool; reptile; slave &c. (servant) 746; courtier; beat*, dead beat*, doughface * [obs][U. S], heeler [U. S.], homme de cour[Fr], sponger, sucker*, tagtail[obs], truckler.

V. cringe, bow, stoop, kneel, bend the knee; fall on one's knees, prostrate oneself; worship &c. 990.

sneak, crawl, crouch, cower, sponge, truckle to, grovel, fawn, lick the feet of, kiss the hem of one's garment, kiss one's ass[vulg.], suck up.

pay court to; feed on, fatten on, dance attendance on, pin oneself upon, hang on the sleeve of, avaler les couleuvres[Fr], keep time to, fetch and carry, do the dirty work of.

go with the stream, worship the rising sun, hold with the hare and run with the hounds.

Adj. servile, obsequious; supple,supple as a glove; soapy, oily, pliant, cringing, abased, dough-faced, fawning, slavish, groveling, sniveling, mealy-mouthed; beggarly, sycophantic, parasitical; abject, prostrate, down on ones marrowbones; base, mean, sneaking; crouching &c. v.

Adv. hat in hand, cap in hand.