Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 875 (Nobility)

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#875. Nobility. -- N. nobility, rank, condition, distinction, optimacy[obs], blood, pur sang[Fr], birth, high descent, order; quality, gentility; blue blood of Castile; ancien regime[Fr].

high life, haute monde[Fr]; upper classes, upper ten thousand; the four hundred [U. S.]; elite, aristocracy, great folks; fashionable world &c. (fashion) 852.

peer, peerage; house of lords, house of peers; lords, lords temporal and spiritual; noblesse; noble, nobleman; lord, lordling[obs]; grandee, magnifico[Lat], hidalgo; daimio[obs], daimyo, samurai, shizoku [all Japanese]; don, donship[obs]; aristocrat, swell, three-tailed bashaw[obs]; gentleman, squire, squireen[obs], patrician, laureate.

gentry, gentlefolk; *squirarchy[obs], better sort magnates, primates, optimates[obs]; pantisocracy[obs].

king &c. (master) 745; atheling[obs]; prince, duke; marquis, marquisate[obs]; earl, viscount, baron, thane, banneret[obs]; baronet, baronetcy[obs]; knight, knighthood; count, armiger[obs], laird; signior[obs], seignior; esquire, boyar, margrave, vavasour[obs]; emir, ameer[obs], scherif[obs], sharif, effendi, wali; sahib; chevalier, maharaja, nawab, palsgrave[obs], pasha, rajah, waldgrave[obs].

princess, begum[obs], duchess, marchioness; countess &c.; lady, dame; memsahib; Do$a, maharani, rani.

personage of distinction, man of distinction, personage of rank, man of rank, personage of mark, man of mark; notables, notabilities; celebrity, bigwig, magnate, great man, star, superstar; big bug; big gun, great gun; gilded rooster* [U. S.]; magni nominis umbra [Lat][Lucan]; " every inch a king " [Lear].

V. be noble &c. adj.

Adj. noble, exalted; of rank &c. n.; princely, titled, patrician, aristocratic; high-, well-born; of gentle blood; genteel, comme il faut[Fr], gentlemanlike[obs], courtly &c. (fashionable) 852; highly respectable.

Adv. in high quarters.

Phr. Adel sitzt im Gemuthe nicht im Gebluete[Ger.]; adelig und edel sind zweierlei[obs][Ger.]; noblesse oblige[Fr.].