Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 87 ({opp)

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#87. {opp. 100} Unity. -- N. unity; oneness &c. adj.; individuality; solitude &c. (seclusion) 893; isolation &c. (disjunction) 44; unification &c. 48.

one, unit, ace; individual; none else, no other.

V. be one, be alone &c. adj.; dine with Duke Humphrey[obs]. isolate &c. (disjoin) 44.

render one; unite &c. (join) 43, (combine) 48.

Adj. one, sole, single, solitary, unitary; individual, apart, alone; kithless[obs].

unaccompanied, unattended; solus[Lat], single-handed; singular, odd, unique, unrepeated[obs], azygous, first and last; isolated &c. (disjoined) 44; insular.

monospermous[obs]; unific[obs], uniflorous[obs], unifoliate[obs], unigenital[obs], uniliteral[obs], unijocular[obs], unimodal [statistics], unimodular[obs].

lone, lonely, lonesome; desolate, dreary. insecable|, inseverable[obs], indiscerptible[obs]; compact, indivisible, atomic, irresolvable[obs].

Adv. singly &c. adj.; alone, by itself, per se, only, apart, in the singular number, in the abstract; one by one, one at a time; simply; one and a half, sesqui-[obs].

Phr. natura il fece [It], e poi roppe la stampa[It]; du fort au faible [obs][Fr]; "two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one". #88 Accompaniment. -- N. accompaniment; adjunct &c. 39; context; appendage, appurtenance.

coexistence, concomitance, company, association, companionship; partnership, copartnership; coefficiency[obs].

concomitant, accessory, coefficient; companion, buddy, attendant, fellow, associate, friend, colleague; consort, spouse, mate; partner, co- partner; satellite, hanger on, fellow-traveller, shadow; escort, cortege; attribute.

V. accompany, coexist, attend; hang on, wait on; go hand in hand with; synchronize &c. 120; bear company, keep company; row in the same boat; bring in its train; associate with, couple with.

Adj. accompanying &c. v.; concomitant, fellow, twin, joint; associated with, coupled with; accessory, attendant, obbligato.

Adv. with, withal; together with, along with, in company with; hand in hand, side by side; cheek by jowl, cheek by jole[obs]; arm in arm; therewith, herewith; and &c. (addition) 37.

together, in a body, collectively.

Phr. noscitur a sociis[Lat]; virtutis fortuna comes[Lat].