Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 869 (Satiety)

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#869. Satiety. -- N. satiety, satisfaction, saturation, repletion, glut, surfeit; cloyment[obs], satiation; weariness &c. 841. spoiled child; enfant gete[Fr], enfant terrible[Fr]; too much of a good thing, toujours perdrix[Fr]; crambe repetita[Lat][obs].

V. sate, satiate, satisfy, saturate; cloy, quench, slake, pall, glut., gorge, surfeit; bore &c. (weary) 841; tire &c. (fatigue) 688; spoil.

have enough of, have quite enough of, have one's fill, have too much of; be satiated &c. adj.

Adj. satiated &c. v.; overgorged[obs]; blase, used up, sick of, heartsick.

Int. enough! hold! eheu jam satis[Lat]! basta[obs]!