Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 867 (Dislike)

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#867. Dislike. -- N. dislike, distaste, disrelish, disinclination, displacency[obs].

reluctance; backwardness &c. (unwillingness) 603.

repugnance, disgust, queasiness, turn, nausea, loathing; averseness[obs], aversation|, aversion; abomination, antipathy, abhorrence, horror; mortal antipathy, rooted antipathy, mortal horror, rooted horror; hatred, detestation; hate &c. 898; animosity &c. 900; hydrophobia; canine madness; byssa[obs], xenophobia. sickener[obs]; gall and wormwood &c. (unsavory) 395; shuddering, cold sweat.

V. mislike misrelish[obs], dislike, disrelish; mind, object to; have rather not, would rather not, prefer not to, not care for; have a dislike for, conceive a dislike to, entertain a dislike for, take a dislike to, have an aversion to, have an aversion for; have no taste for, have no stomach for.

shun, avoid &c. 623; eschew; withdraw from, shrink from, recoil from; not be able to bear, not be able to abide, not be able to endure; shrug the shoulders at, shudder at, turn up the nose at, look askance at; make a mouth, make a wry face, make a grimace; make faces.

loathe, nauseate, abominate, detest, abhor; hate &c. 898; take amiss &c. 900; have enough of &c. (be satiated) 869.

wish away, unwish

cause dislike, excite dislike; disincline, repel, sicken; make sick, render sick; turn one's stomach, nauseate, wamble[obs], disgust, shock, stink in the nostrils; go against the grain, go against the stomach; stick in the throat; make one's blood run cold &c. (give pain) 830; pall.

Adj. disliking &c. v.; averse from, loathe, loathe to, loth, adverse; shy of, sick of, out of conceit with; disinclined; heartsick, dogsick[obs]; queasy.

disliked &c. v.; uncared for, unpopular; out of favor; repulsive, repugnant, repellant; abhorrent, insufferable, fulsome, nauseous; loathsome, loathful[obs]; offensive; disgusting &c. v.; disagreeable c. (painful) 830.

Adv. usque ad nauseam[Lat].

Int. faugh! foh[obs]! ugh!

Phr. non libet[Lat].