Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 843 (Dullness)

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#843. Dullness. -- N. dullness, heaviness, flatness; infestivity [obs] &c. 837, stupidity &c. 499; want of originality; dearth of ideas.

prose, matter of fact; heavy book, conte a dormir debout[Fr]; platitude.

V. be dull &c. adj.; prose, take au serieux[Fr], be caught napping.

render dull &c. adj.; damp, depress, throw cold water on, lay a wet blanket on; fall flat upon the ear.

no joke, serious matter (importance) 642.

Adj. dull, dull as ditch water; unentertaining, uninteresting, flat, dry as dust; unfunny, unlively[obs], logy [U.S.]; unimaginative; insulse[obs]; dry as dust; prosy, prosing, prosaic; matter of fact, commonplace, pedestrian, pointless; "weary stale flat and unprofitable" [Hamlet].

stupid, slow, flat, insipid, vapid, humdrum, monotonous; melancholic &c. 837; stolid &c. 499; plodding.

boring, tiresome, tedious &c. 841.

Phr. davus sum non Aedipus[obs]; deadly dull and boring, DDB[abbr].