Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 834 (Relief)

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#834. Relief. -- N. relief; deliverance; refreshment &c. 689; easement, softening, alleviation, mitigation, palliation, soothing, lullaby.

solace, consolation, comfort, encouragement.

lenitive, restorative &c. (remedy) 662; cushion &c. 215; crumb of comfort, balm in Gilead.

V. relieve, ease, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soothe; salve; soften, soften down; foment, stupe[obs], poultice; assuage, allay.

cheer, comfort, console; enliven; encourage, bear up, pat on the back, give comfort, set at ease; gladden the heart, cheer the heart; inspirit, invigorate.

remedy; cure &c. (restore) 660; refresh; pour balm into, pour oil on.

smooth the ruffled brow of care, temper the wind to the shorn lamb, lay the flattering unction to one's soul.

disburden &c. (free) 705; take a load off one's chest, get a load off one's chest, take off a load of care.

be relieved; breathe more freely, draw a long breath; take comfort; dry the tears, dry the eyes, wipe the tears, wipe the eyes.

Adj. relieving &c. v.; consolatory, soothing; assuaging, assuasive[obs]; balmy, balsamic; lenitive, palliative; anodyne &c. (remedial) 662; curative &c. 660.

Phr. "here comes a man of comfort" [Measure for Measure].