Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 833 (Regret)

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#833. Regret. -- N. regret, repining; homesickness, nostalgia; mal du pays, maladie[Fr]; lamentation &c.. 839; penitence &c. 950.

bitterness, heartburning[obs].

recrimination (accusation) 938.

laudator temporis acti &c. (discontent) 832[Lat].

V. regret, deplore; bewail &c. (lament) 839; repine, cast a longing lingering look behind; rue, rue the day; repent &c. 950; infandum renovare dolorem [Lat].

prey on the mind, weigh on the mind, have a weight on the mind; leave an aching void.

Adj. regretting &c. v.; regretful; homesick.

regretted &c. v.; much to be regretted, regrettable; lamentable &c. (bad) 649.

Adv. regrettably, unfortunately; most unfortunately.

Int. alas!; what a pity! hang it!

Phr. 'tis pity, 'tis too true; "sigh'd and look'd and sigh'd again" [Dryden]; "I'm sorry.".