Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 823 (Insensibility)

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#823. Insensibility. -- N. insensibility, insensibleness[obs]; moral insensibility; inertness, inertia; vis inertiae[Lat]; impassibility, impassibleness; inappetency[obs], apathy, phlegm, dullness, hebetude[obs], supineness, lukewarmness[obs].

cold fit, cold blood, cold heart; coldness, coolness; frigidity, sang froid[Fr]; stoicism, imperturbation &c. (inexcitability) 826[obs]; nonchalance, unconcern, dry eyes; insouciance &c. (indifference) 866; recklessness &c. 863; callousness; heart of stone, stock and stone, marble, deadness.

torpor, torpidity; obstupefaction|, lethargy, coma, trance, vegetative state; sleep &c. 683; suspended animation; stupor, stupefaction; paralysis, palsy; numbness &c. (physical insensibility) 376.

neutrality; quietism, vegetation.

V. be insensible &c. adj.; have a rhinoceros hide; show insensibility &c. n.; not mind, not care, not be affected by; have no desire for &c. 866; have no interest in, feel no interest in, take no interest in; nil admirari[Lat]; not care a straw &c. (unimportance) 643 for; disregard &c. (neglect) 460; set at naught &c. (make light of) 483; turn a deaf ear to &c. (inattention) 458; vegetate.

render insensible, render callous; blunt, obtund[obs], numb, benumb, paralyze, deaden, hebetate[obs], stun, stupefy; brutify[obs]; brutalize; chloroform, anaesthetize[obs], put under; assify[obs].

inure; harden the heart; steel, caseharden, sear.

Adj. insensible, unconscious; impassive, impassible; blind to, deaf to, dead to; unsusceptible, insusceptible; unimpressionable[obs], unimpressible[obs]; passionless, spiritless, heartless, soulless; unfeeling, unmoral.

apathetic; leuco-|, phlegmatic; dull, frigid; cold blooded, cold hearted; cold as charity; flat, maudlin, obtuse, inert, supine, sluggish, torpid, torpedinous[obs], torporific[obs]; sleepy &c. (inactive) 683; languid, half-hearted, tame; numbed; comatose; anaesthetic &c. 376; stupefied, chloroformed, drugged, stoned; palsy-stricken.

indifferent, lukewarm; careless, mindless, regardless; inattentive &c. 458; neglectful &c. 460; disregarding.

unconcerned, nonchalant, pococurante[obs], insouciant, sans souci[Fr]; unambitious &c. 866.

unaffected, unruffled, unimpressed, uninspired, unexcited, unmoved, unstirred, untouched, unshocked[obs], unstruck[obs]; unblushing &c. (shameless) 885; unanimated; vegetative.

callous, thick-skinned, hard-nosed, pachydermatous, impervious; hardened; inured, casehardened; steeled against, proof against; imperturbable &c. (inexcitable) 826[obs]; unfelt.

Adv. insensibly &c. adj.; aequo animo[Lat]; without being moved, without being touched, without being impressed; in cold blood; with dry eyes, with withers unwrung[obs].

Phr. never mind; macht nichts [German], it is of no consequence &c. (unimportant) 643; it cannot be helped; nothing coming amiss; it is all the same to, it is all one to.