Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 820 (Affections)

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#820. Affections. -- N. affections, affect; character, qualities, disposition, nature, spirit, tone; temper, temperament; diathesis[obs], idiosyncrasy; cast of mind, cast of soul, habit of mind, habit of soul, frame of mind, frame of soul; predilection, turn, natural turn of mind; bent, bias, predisposition, proneness, proclivity, propensity, propenseness[obs], propension[obs], propendency|; vein, humor, mood, grain, mettle; sympathy &c. (love) 897.

soul, heart, breast, bosom, inner man; heart's core, heart's strings, heart's blood; heart of hearts, bottom of one's heart, , penetralia mentis[Lat]; secret and inmost recesses of the heart, cockles of one's heart; inmost heart, inmost soul; backbone.

passion, pervading spirit; ruling passion, master passion; furore[obs]; fullness of the heart, heyday of the blood, flesh and blood, flow of soul.

energy, fervor, fire, force.

V. have affections, possess affections &c. n.; be of a character &c. n.; be affected &c. adj.; breathe.

Adj. affected, characterized, formed, molded, cast; attempered[obs], tempered; framed; predisposed; prone, inclined; having a bias &c. n.; tinctured with, imbued with, penetrated with, eaten up with.

inborn, inbred, ingrained; deep-rooted, ineffaceable, inveterate; pathoscopic|!; congenital, dyed in the wool, implanted by nature, inherent, in the grain.

affective [obs][med. and general].

Adv. in one's heart &c. n.; at heart; heart and soul &c. 821.

Phr. "affection is a coal that must be cool'd else suffer'd it will set the heart on fire" [Venus and Adonis].