Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 810 (Receipt)

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#810. Receipt.-- N. receipt, value received, money coming in; income, incomings, innings, revenue, return, proceeds; gross receipts, net profit; earnings &c. (gain) 775; accepta[obs], avails.

rent, rent roll; rental, rentage[obs]; rack-rent.

premium, bonus; sweepstakes, tontine.

pension, annuity; jointure &c.(property) 780[obs]; alimony, palimony [coll.], pittance; emolument &c. (remuneration) 973.

V. receive &c. 785; take money; draw from, derive from; acquire &c. 775; take &c. 789.

bring in, yield, afford, pay, return; accrue &c. (be received from) 785.

Adj. receiving, received &c. v.; profitable &c. (gainful) 775.