Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 81 (Multiformity)

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#81. Multiformity. -- N. multiformity, omniformity[obs]; variety, diversity; multifariousness &c. adj.; varied assortment.

dissimilarity &c. 18.

Adj. polymorphous, multiform, multifold, multifarious, multigenerous[obs], multiplex; heterogeneous, diversified, dissimilar, various, varied, variform[obs]; manifold, many-sided; variegated, motley, mosaic; epicene, indiscriminate, desultory, irregular; mixed, different, assorted, mingled, odd, diverse, divers; all manner of; of every description, of all sorts and kinds; et hoc genus omne[Lat]; and what not? de omnibus rebus et quibusdam aliis [Lat].

jumbled, confused, mixed up, discordant; inharmonious, unmatched, unrelated, nonuniform.

omniform[obs], omnigenous[obs], omnifarious[obs]; protean (form) 240.

Phr. "harmoniously confused" [Pope]; " variety's the very spice of life" [Cowper].