Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 785 (Receiving)

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#785. Receiving.-- N. receiving &c. v.; acquisition &c. 775; reception &c. (introduction) 296; suscipiency|!, acceptance, admission.

recipient, accipient[obs]; assignee, devisee; legatee, legatary[obs]; grantee, feoffee[obs], donee[Fr], releasee[Law], relessee[obs], lessee; receiver.

sportulary|, stipendiary; beneficiary; pensioner, pensionary[obs]; almsman[obs].

income &c. (receipt) 810.

V. receive; take &c. 789; acquire &c. 775; admit.

take in, catch, touch; pocket; put into one's pocket, put into one's purse; accept; take off one's hands.

be received; come in, come to hand; pass into one's hand, fall into one's hand; go into one's pocket; fall to one's lot, fall to one's share; come to one, fall to one; accrue; have given &c. 784 to one.

Adj. receiving &c. v.; recipient, suscipient|!.

received &c. v.; given &c. 784; secondhand.

not given, unbestowed &c. (see give, bestow &c. 784).