Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 779 (Possessor)

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#779. Possessor.-- N. possessor, holder; occupant, occupier; tenant; person in possession, man in possession &c.777; renter, lodger, lessee, underlessee[obs]; zemindar[obs], ryot[obs]; tenant on sufferance, tenant at will, tenant from year to year, tenant for years, tenant for life.

owner; proprietor, proprietress, proprietary; impropriator[obs], master, mistress, lord.

land holder, land owner, landlord, land lady, slumlord; lord of the manor, lord paramount; heritor, laird, vavasour[obs], landed gentry, mesne lord[obs]; planter.

cestui-que-trust[Fr], beneficiary, mortgagor.

grantee, feoffee[obs], releasee[Law], relessee[obs], devisee; legatee, legatary[obs].

trustee; holder &c. of the legal estate; mortgagee.

right owner, rightful owner.

[Future possessor] heir presumptive, heir apparent; heiress; inheritor, inheritress, inheritrix; reversioner[obs], remainderman[obs].