Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 778 (Joint possession)

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#778. [Joint possession.] Participation.-- N. participation; cotenancy[obs], joint tenancy; occupancy in common, possession in common, tenancy in common; joint stock, common stock; co-partnership, partnership; communion; community of possessions, community of goods; communism, socialism; cooperation &c. 709.

snacks, coportion|, picnic, hotchpot[obs]; co-heirship, co- parceny[obs], co-parcenary; gavelkind[obs].

participator, sharer; co-partner, partner; shareholder; co-tenant, joint tenant; tenants in common; co-heir, co-parcener[obs].

communist, socialist.

V. participate, partake; share, share in; come in for a share; go shares, go snacks, go halves; share and share alike.

have in common, possess in common, be seized in common, have as joint tenants, possess as joint tenants, be seized as joint tenants &c. n.

join in; have a hand in &c. (cooperate) 709.

Adj. partaking &c. v.; communistic.

Adv. share and share alike.