Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 777 (Possession)

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#777. Possession.-- N. possession, seizin[Law], seisin[Law]; ownership &c. 780; occupancy; hold, holding; tenure, tenancy, feodality[obs], dependency; villenage, villeinage[obs]; socage[obs], chivalry, knight service.

exclusive possession, impropriation[obs], monopoly, retention &c.781; prepossession, preoccupancy[obs]; nine points of the law; corner, usucaption[obs].

future possession, heritage, inheritance, heirship, reversion, fee, seigniority[obs]; primogeniture, ultimogeniture[obs].

futures contract[right of future possession; financial instruments], warrant, put, call, option; right of first refusal.

bird in hand, uti possidetis[Lat], chose in possession.

V. possess, have, hold, occupy, enjoy; be possessed of &c. adj.; have in hand &c. adj.; own &c. 780; command.

inherit; come to, come in for.

engross, monopolize, forestall, regrate[obs], impropriate[obs], have all to oneself; corner; have a firmhold of &c. (retain) 781[obs]; get into one's hand &c. (acquire) 775.

belong to, appertain to, pertain to; be in one's possession &c. adj.; vest in.

Adj. possessing &c. v.; worth; possessed of, seized of, master of, in possession of; usucapient[obs]; endowed with, blest with, instinct with, fraught with, laden with, charged with.

possessed &c. v.; on hand, by one; in hand, in store, in stock; in one's hands, in one's grasp, in one's possession; at one's command, at one's disposal; one's own &c. (property) 780.

unsold, unshared.

Phr. entbehre gern was du nicht hast[Ger]; meum et tuum[Lat]; tuum est[Lat]. #777a. Exemption.-- N. exemption; absence &c. 187; exception, immunity, privilege, release.

V. not have &c. 777; be without &c. adj.; excuse.

Adj. exempt from, devoid of, without, unpossessed of[obs], unblest with[obs]; immune from.

not having &c. 777; unpossessed[obs]; untenanted &c. (vacant) 187; without an owner.

unobtained[obs], unacquired.