Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 773 (Nonobservance)

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#773. Nonobservance.-- N. nonobservance &c. 772; evasion, inobservance, failure, omission, neglect, laches[Law], laxity, informality.

infringement, infraction; violation, transgression; piracy.

retraction, retractation[obs], repudiation, nullification; protest; forfeiture.

lawlessness; disobedience &c. 742; bad faith &c. 940.

V. fail, neglect, omit, elude, evade, give the go-by to, set aside, ignore; shut one's eyes to, close one's eyes to.

infringe, transgress, violate, pirate, break, trample under foot, do violence to, drive a coach and six through.

discard, protest, repudiate, fling to the winds, set at naught, nullify, declare null and void; cancel &c. (wipe off) 552.

retract, go back from, be off, forfeit, go from one's word, palter; stretch a point, strain a point.

Adj. violating &c. v.; lawless, transgressive; elusive, evasive.

unfulfilled &c. (see fulfill &c. 772).