Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 764 (Refusal)

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#764. Refusal.-- N. refusal, rejection; noncompliance, incompliance[obs]; denial; declining &c. v.; declension; declinature[obs]; peremptory refusal, flat refusal, point blank refusal; repulse, rebuff; discountenance.

recusancy, abnegation, protest, disclaimer; dissent &c. 489; revocation &c. 756.

V. refuse, reject, deny, decline, turn down; nill, negative; refuse one's assent, withhold one's assent; shake the head; close the hand, close the purse; grudge, begrudge, be slow to, hang fire; pass [at cards].

be deaf to; dismiss, turn a deaf ear to, turn one's back upon; set one's face against, discountenance, not hear of, have nothing to do with, wash one's hands of, stand aloof, forswear, set aside, cast behind one; not yield an inch &c. (obstinacy) 606.

resist, cross; not grant &c. 762; repel, repulse, shut the door in one's face, slam the door in one's face; rebuff; send back, send to the right about, send away with a flea in the ear; deny oneself, not be at home to; discard, spurn, &c. (repudiate) 610; rescind &c. (revoke) 756; disclaim, protest; dissent &c. 489.

Adj. refusing &c. v.; restive, restiff|; recusant; uncomplying, unconsenting; not willing to hear of, deaf to.

refused &c. v.; ungranted, out of the question, not to be thought of, impossible.

Adv. no &c. 536; on no account, not for the world; no thank you, thanks but no thanks.

Phr. non possumus[Lat]; your humble servant[ironically]; bien oblige[Fr]; not on your life [U.S.]; no way; not even if you beg on your knees.