Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 759 (Deputy)

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#759. Deputy.-- N. deputy, substitute, vice, proxy, locum tenens, badli[obs], delegate, representative, next friend, surrogate, secondary.

regent, viceregent[obs], vizier, minister, vicar; premier &c. (director) 694; chancellor, prefect, provost, warden, lieutenant, archon, consul, proconsul; viceroy &c. (governor) 745; commissioner &c. 758; Tsung- li Yamen, Wai Wu Pu; plenipotentiary, alter ego.

team, eight, eleven; champion.

V. be deputy &c. n.; stand for, appear for, hold a brief for, answer for; represent; stand in the shoes of, walk in the shoes of; stand in the stead of.

ablegate[obs], accredit.

Adj. acting, vice, vice regal; accredited to.

Adv. in behalf of.