Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 752 (Means of restraint)

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#752. [Means of restraint.] Prison.-- N. prison, prison house; jail, gaol, cage, coop, den, cell; stronghold, fortress, keep, donjon, dungeon, Bastille, oubliette, bridewell[obs], house of correction, hulks, tollbooth, panopticon[obs], penitentiary, guardroom, lockup, hold; round house, watch house, station house, sponging house; station; house of detention, black hole, pen, fold, pound; inclosure &c. 232; isolation (exclusion) 893; penal settlement, penal colony; bilboes, stocks, limbo, quod*[Lat]; calaboose, chauki[obs], choky[obs], thana[obs]; workhouse [U.S.].

Newgate, Fleet, Marshalsea; King's (or Queen's) Bench.

bond; bandage; irons, pinion, gyve, fetter, shackle, trammel, manacle, handcuff, straight jacket, strait jacket, strait-jacket, strait-waistcoat, hopples[obs]; vice, vise.

yoke, collar, halter, harness; muzzle, gag, bit, brake, curb, snaffle, bridle; rein, reins; bearing rein; martingale; leading string; tether, picket, band, guy, chain; cord &c. (fastening) 45; cavesson[obs], hackamore [obs][U.S.], headstall, jaquima [obs][U.S.], lines, ribbons.

bolt, deadbolt, bar, lock, police lock, combination lock, padlock, rail, wall, stone wall; paling, palisade; fence, picket fence, barbed wire fence, Cyclone fence, stockade fence, chain-link fence; barrier, barricade.

drag &c. (hindrance) 706.