Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 746 (Servant)

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#746. Servant.-- N. subject, liegeman[obs]; servant, retainer, follower, henchman, servitor, domestic, menial, help, lady help, employe, attache; official.

retinue, suite, cortege, staff, court.

attendant, squire, usher, page, donzel[obs], footboy[obs]; train bearer, cup bearer; waiter, lapster[obs], butler, livery servant, lackey, footman, flunky, flunkey, valet, valet de chambre[Fr]; equerry, groom; jockey, hostler, ostler[obs], tiger, orderly, messenger, cad, gillie[obs], herdsman, swineherd; barkeeper, bartender; bell boy, boots, boy, counterjumper[obs]; khansamah[obs], khansaman[obs]; khitmutgar[obs]; yardman.

bailiff, castellan[obs], seneschal, chamberlain, major-domo[obs], groom of the chambers.

secretary; under secretary, assistant secretary; clerk; subsidiary; agent &c. 758; subaltern; underling, understrapper; man.

maid, maidservant; handmaid; confidente[Fr], lady's maid, abigail, soubrette; amah[obs], biddy, nurse, bonne[Fr], ayah[obs]; nursemaid, nursery maid, house maid, parlor maid, waiting maid, chamber maid, kitchen maid, scullery maid; femme de chambre[Fr], femme fille[Fr]; camarista[obs]; chef de cuisine,cordon bleu[Fr], cook, scullion, Cinderella; potwalloper[obs]; maid of all work, servant of all work; laundress, bedmaker[obs]; journeyman, charwoman &c. (worker) 690; bearer, chokra[obs], gyp [Cambridge], hamal[obs], scout [Oxford].

serf, vassal, slave, negro, helot; bondsman, bondswoman[obs]; bondslave[obs]; ame damnee[Fr], odalisque, ryot[obs], adscriptus gleboe[Lat]; villian[obs], villein; beadsman[obs], bedesman[obs]; sizar[obs]; pensioner, pensionary[obs]; client; dependant, dependent; hanger on, satellite; parasite &c. (servility) 886; led captain; protege[Fr], ward, hireling, mercenary, puppet, tool, creature.

badge of slavery; bonds &c. 752.

V. serve; wait upon, attend upon, dance attendance upon, pin oneself upon; squire, tend, hang on the sleeve of; chore [U.S.].

Adj. in the train of; in one's pay, in one's employ; at one's call &c. (obedient) 743; in bonds.