Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 743 (Obedience)

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#743. Obedience.-- N. obedience; observance &c. 772; compliance; submission &c. 725; subjection &c. 749; nonresistance; passiveness, resignation.

allegiance, loyalty, fealty, homage, deference, devotion; constancy, fidelity.

submissness[obs], submissiveness; ductility &c. (softness) 324; obsequiousness &c. (servility) 886.

V. be -obedient &c. adj.; obey, bear obedience to; submit &c. 725; comply, answer the helm, come at one's call; do one's bidding, do what one is told, do suit and service; attend to orders, serve faithfully.

follow the lead of, follow to the world's end; serve &c. 746; play second fiddle.

Adj. obedient; complying, compliant; loyal, faithful, devoted; at one's call, at one's command, at one's orders, at one's beck and call; under beck and call, under control.

restrainable; resigned, passive; submissive &c. 725; henpecked; pliant &c. (soft) 324.


Adv. obediently &c. adj.; in compliance with, in obedience to.

Phr. to hear is to obey; as you please, if you please; your wish is my command; as you wish; no sooner said than done.