Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 730 (Noncompletion)

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#730. Noncompletion. -- N. noncompletion, nonfulfillment; shortcoming &c. 304; incompleteness &c. 53; drawn battle, drawn game; work of Penelope.

nonperformance, inexecution[obs]; neglect &c. 460.

V. not complete &c. 729; leave unfinished &c. adj., leave undone, drop, put down; neglect &c. 460; let alone, let slip; lose sight of (forget) 506.

fall short of &c. 304; do things by halves, parboil, scotch the snake not lull it; hang fire; be slow to; collapse &c. 304.

drop out.

Adj. not completed &c. v.; incomplete &c. 53; uncompleted, unfinished, unaccomplished, unperformed, unexecuted; sketchy, addle.

in progress, in hand; ongoing, going on, proceeding; on one's hands; on the anvil; in the fire, in the oven.

parboiled, half-baked.

Adv. re infecta[Lat].