Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 724 (Mediation)

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#724. Mediation. -- N. mediation, mediatorship[obs], mediatization[obs]; intervention, interposition, interference, intermeddling, intercession; arbitration; flag of truce &c. 723; good offices, peace offering; .

parley, negotiation; diplomatics[obs], diplomacy; compromise &c. 774.

[person who mediates] mediator, arbitrator, intercessor, peacemaker, makepeace[obs], negotiator, go-between; diplomatist &c. (consignee) 758; moderator; propitiator; umpire.

V. mediate, mediatize[obs]; intercede, interpose, interfere, intervene; step in, negotiate; meet halfway; arbitrate; magnas componere lites[Lat].

bargain &c. 794

Adj. mediatory.