Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 715 (Defiance)

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#715. Defiance. -- N. defiance; daring &. v. ; dare; challenge, cartel|!; threat &c. 909; war cry, war whoop.

chest-beating, chest-thumping; saber rattling.

V. defy, dare, beard; brave &c. (courage) 861; bid defiance to; set at defiance, set at naught; hurl defiance at; dance the war dance, beat the war drums; snap the fingers at, laugh to scorn; disobey &c. 742.

show fight, show one's teeth, show a bold front; bluster, look big, stand akimbo, beat one's chest; double the fist, shake the fist; threaten &c. 909.

challenge, call out; throw down the gauntlet, fling down the gauntlet, fling down the gage, fling down the glove, throw down the glove.

Adj. defiant; defying &c. v.;"with arms akimbo".

Adv. in defiance of, in the teeth of; under one's very nose.

Int. do your worst! come if you dare! come on! marry come up! hoity toity|!

Phr. noli me tangere[Lat]; nemo me impune lacessit[Lat]; don't tread on me; don't you dare; don't even think of it; "Go ahead, make my day!" [Dirty Harry].