Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 700 (Proficient)

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#700. Proficient. -- N. proficient, expert, adept, dab; dabster[obs], crackerjack; connoisseur &c. (scholar) 492; master, master hand; prima donna[Sp], first fiddle, top gun, chef de cuisine, top sawyer; protagonist;, past master; mahatma.

picked man; medallist, prizeman[obs].

veteran; old stager, old campaigner, old soldier, old file, old hand; man of business, man of the world.

nice hand, good hand, clean hand; practiced hand, experienced eye, experienced hand; marksman; good shot, dead shot, crack shot; ropedancer, funambulist[obs], acrobat; cunning man; conjuror &c. (deceiver) 548; wizard &c. 994.

genius; mastermind, master head, master spirit.

cunning blade, sharp blade, sharp fellow; jobber; cracksman &c. (thief) 792[obs]; politician, tactician, strategist.

pantologist[obs], admirable Crichton, Jack of all trades; prodigy of learning.