Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 689 (Refreshment)

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#689. Refreshment. -- N. bracing &c. v.; recovery of strength, recuperation &c. 159; restoration, revival &c. 660; repair, refection, refocillation|, refreshment, regalement[obs], bait; relief &c. 834.

break, spell.

refreshment stand; refreshments; ice cream[list], cold soda, soda pop, hot dogs (food) .

V. brace &c. (strengthen) 159; reinvigorate; air, freshen up, refresh, recruit; repair &c. (restore) 660; fan, refocillate|; refresh the inner man.

breathe, respire; drink in the ozone; take a break, take a breather, take five, draw breath, take a deep breath, take breath, gather breath, take a long breath, regain breath, recover breath; get better, raise one's head; recover one's strength, regain one's strength, renew one's strength &c. 159; perk up, get one's second wind.

come to oneself &c. (revive) 660; feel refreshed, feel like a giant refreshed.

Adj. refreshing &c v.; recuperative &c. 660.

refreshed &c. v.; untired[obs], unwearied.