Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 688 (Fatigue)

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#688. Fatigue. -- N. fatigue; weariness &c. 841; yawning, drowsiness &c. 683; lassitude, tiredness, fatigation|, exhaustion; sweat; dyspnoea.

anhelation, shortness of breath; faintness; collapse, prostration, swoon, fainting, deliquium[Lat], syncope, lipothymy[obs]; goneness[obs].

V. be fatigued &c. adj.; yawn &c. (get sleepy) 683; droop, sink, flag; lose breath, lose wind; gasp, pant, puff, blow, drop, swoon, faint, succumb.

fatigue, tire, weary, irk, flag, jade, harass, exhaust, knock up, wear out, prostrate.

tax, task, strain; overtask, overwork, overburden, overtax, overstrain.

Adj. fatigued, tired &c. v.; weary &c. 841; drowsy &c. 683; drooping &c. v.; haggard; toilworn[obs], wayworn:, footsore, surbated|, weather- beaten; faint; done up, used up, knocked up; bushed * [U.S.]; exhausted, prostrate, spent; overtired, overspent, overfatigued; unrefreshed[obs], unrestored.

worn, worn out; battered, shattered, pulled down, seedy, altered.

breathless, windless; short of breath, out of breath, short of wind; blown, puffing and blowing; short-breathed; anhelose[obs]; broken winded, short-winded; dyspnaeal[obs], dyspnaeic[obs].

ready to drop, all in, more dead than alive, dog-weary, walked off one's legs, tired to death, on one's last legs, played out, hors de combat[Fr].

fatiguing &c v.; tiresome, irksome, wearisome; weary, trying.