Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 687 (Repose)

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#687. Repose. -- N. repose, rest, silken repose; sleep &c. 683.

relaxation, breathing time; halt, stay, pause &c. (cessation) 142; respite.

day of rest, dies non, Sabbath, Lord's day, holiday, red-letter day, vacation, recess.

V. repose; rest, rest and be thankful; take a rest, take one's ease, take it easy.

relax, unbend, slacken; take breath &c. (refresh) 689; rest upon one's oars; pause &c. (cease) 142; stay one's hand.

lie down; recline, recline on a bed of down, recline on an easy chair; go to rest, go to bed, go to sleep &c. 683.

take a holiday, shut up shop; lie fallow &c. (inaction) 681.

Adj. reposing &c. v[of people].; relaxed &c. v.; unstrained.

[of materials and people] unstressed.

Adv. at rest.

Phr."the best of men have ever loved repose" [Thompson]; "to repair our nature with comforting repose" [Henry VIII].