Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 675 (Essay)

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#675. Essay. -- N. essay, trial, endeavor, attempt; aim, struggle, venture, adventure, speculation, coup d'essai[Fr], debut; probation &c. (experiment) 463.

V. try, essay; experiment &c. 463; endeavor, strive; tempt, attempt, make an attempt; venture, adventure, speculate, take one's chance, tempt fortune; try one's fortune, try one's luck, try one's hand; use one's endeavor; feel one's way, grope one's way, pick one's way.

try hard, push, make a bold push, use one's best endeavor; do one's best &c. (exertion) 686.

Adj. essaying &c. v.; experimental &c. 463; tentative, empirical, probationary.

Adv. experimentally &c. Adj.; on trial, at a venture; by rule of thumb. if one may be so bold.

Phr. aut non tentaris aut perfice [Lat][Ovid]; chi non s'arrischia non guadagna[Fr][obs].