Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 660 (Restoration)

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#660. Restoration. -- N. restoration, restoral; reinstatement, replacement, rehabilitation, reestablishment, reconstitution, reconstruction; reproduction &c. 163; renovation, renewal; revival, revivessence[obs], reviviscence[obs]; refreshment &c. 689; resuscitation, reanimation, revivification, reviction|; Phenix; reorganization.

renaissance, second youth, rejuvenescence[obs],. new birth; regeneration, regeneracy[obs], regenerateness[obs]; palingenesis[obs], reconversion.

redress, retrieval, reclamation, recovery; convalescence; resumption, resumption; sanativeness[obs]. recurrence &c. (repetition) 104; rechauffe[Fr], rifacimento[It].

cure, recure|, sanation|; healing &c. v.; redintegration[obs]; rectification; instauration[obs].

repair, reparation, remanufacture; recruiting &c. v.; cicatrization; disinfection; tinkering.

reaction; redemption &c. (deliverance) 672; restitution &c. 790; relief &c. 834.

tinker, cobbler; vis medicatrix &c. (remedy) 662[obs]. curableness.

V. return to the original state; recover, rally, revive; come come to, come round, come to oneself; pull through, weather the storm, be oneself again; get well,get round, get the better of, get over, get about; rise from one's ashes, rise from the grave; survive &c. (outlive) 110; resume, reappear; come to, come to life again; live again, rise again.

heal, skin over, cicatrize; right itself.

restore, put back, place in statu quo[Lat]; reinstate, replace, reseat, rehabilitate, reestablish, reestate[obs], reinstall.

reconstruct, rebuild, reorganize, reconstitute; reconvert; renew, renovate; regenerate; rejuvenate.

redeem, reclaim, recover, retrieve; rescue &c. (deliver) 672.

redress, recure[obs]; cure, heal, remedy, doctor, physic, medicate; break of; bring round, set on one's legs.

resuscitate, revive, reanimate, revivify, recall to life; reproduce &c. 163; warm up; reinvigorate, refresh &c. 689.

make whole, redintegrate[obs]; recoup &c. 790; make good, make all square; rectify, correct; put right, put to rights, set right, set to rights, set straight; set up; put in order &c. (arrange) 60; refit, recruit; fill up, fill up the ranks; reinforce.

repair; put in repair, remanufacture, put in thorough repair, put in complete repair; retouch, refashion, botch|, vamp, tinker, cobble; do up, patch up, touch up, plaster up, vamp up; darn, finedraw[obs], heelpiece[obs]; stop a gap, stanch, staunch, caulk, calk, careen, splice, bind up wounds.

Adj. restored &c. v.; redivivus[Lat], convalescent; in a fair way; none the worse; rejuvenated.

restoring &c. v.; restorative, recuperative; sanative, reparative, sanatory[obs], reparatory[obs]; curative, remedial.

restorable, recoverable, sanable[obs], remediable, retrievable, curable.

Adv. in statu quo[Lat]; as you were. phr. revenons a nos moutons[Fr]; medecin[Fr], gueris-toi toi-meme[Fr]; vestigia nulla retrorsum [Lat][Horace].